More effective marketing.

Get more response. Meet your targets. Be better than the rest!

You may need more hits, higher conversion rate, increased sales, faster growth, closer engagement, better brand management, smarter internal comms – the list goes on.

You might want anything from a new website to a social media strategy, from a re-brand to a search campaign, from a repositioning exercise to new brochures.

And it could just involve a simple piece of coding or design to a complete strategic review. Whatever your requirements, our team of talented specialists is focused on maximising ROI for you: brilliant digital communicators and programmers, creative art directors and designers, experienced brand and marketing strategists.

Skilled at putting themselves in your customers shoes, put them all together and you’ll get brand new ideas to make your marketing more effective.

Strategy, Branding, Design, Engagement, PR and Brand new ideas containe the online and offline services Marcom offers.

"Marcom have helped guide us through the marketing process, and designed and produced first class material, on and offline, which positions us as a leader in our industry"
Jim Pearson, Partner, Abel & Imray

How we’ll help. Our skilled and experienced team will work with you on your project, ensuring you get great value and service at all times.

  • Creativity & design
  • Digital & online
  • Strategy & brand

Creativity & design

What is your brand? What are the key benefits? What are your competitors doing? What are the market’s expectations? What is going to really attract them, engage them? What is the correct tone of voice to use?

Creativity doesn't grow on trees. It's the combination of natural brilliance and years of experience, informed by a real understanding of your market and your customers' perceptions.

It's the difference between a project that ‘ticks the box’ and one which is really effective. It’s what differentiates your brand, attracts attention, generates a response and true engagement.

Our 'creatives' are brilliant. They combine the skill to quickly understand your proposition and brand with the ability to put themselves in your customers’ shoes. From this position they create communications which attract, engage and create the response you are looking for.

  • Concepts
  • Strategies
  • Brand identity
  • Design
  • Copy writing
  • Journalism
  • Content
  • Imagery
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Brand guidelines
  • Artwork
  • Print
  • Press
  • Television
  • Radio

Digital & online

How successful is your website? What’s your position on Google? What are your customers' user journeys? How do you engage with your audience? How many people actually read your tweets? How often do you broadcast emails? Are you getting the best out of your data?

These are the sort of questions we might ask you in order to create digital assets and campaigns which achieve more for you, online and on-mobile.

Using the latest techniques, whether it be for social media, emails, search, website and app we’ll create communications which really work for you.

Communication online is a science in itself, requiring careful analysis of the statistics and an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and expectations. Our digital experts are web-natives, experienced in all aspects of the requirements of digital marketing, and brilliant at their own specialisms. They will work with you to ensure that you get the very best there is!

  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Apps
  • Mobile
  • Design
  • Search
  • Content
  • Video
  • Games
  • Adwords
  • Banners
  • Emails
  • E-newsletters
  • E-commerce
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

Strategy & brand

How do customers perceive your brand and how would you like them to? How are you positioned and do you need to change that? What does your brand stand for and does this fit into the competitive framework? What messages are you communicating and could these be made more engaging? What are your objectives?

We'll take you through a market and brand exploration process which will define your strategy. From that we'll create smart communications and compelling campaigns that are really effective.

Because if you don't know where you are going, how are you going to get there?


Be objective: use market insight and run an audit. Understand your market. Plot your competitive position. Define your vision and values. Create a SWOT and plan SMART objectives.


Create a brand architecture. Have a clear proposition and tell it in an elevator pitch. Define your competitive advantage. Refine your messaging. Position yourself: the perception is the reality.


Branding. Concepts. Design. Impact. Standout. Differentiation. Corporate identity. Style. Imagery. Colours. Font. Copy. Content. Tone of voice. Guidelines. Calls to action. Brand new ideas!

"They set us up, helped and advised us through the process, and used their in-depth understanding of Search and all aspects of digital marketing to make a real difference to how we achieved the great results we have experienced – and continue to see!"
Iain Cox, Managing Director, Multisets Ltd

Our clients

We work with a wide range of clients from Not-for-Profit associations to leading edge technology companies. Top 100 Law firms to global engineering companies. Whoever they are, they all get great customer support, brand news ideas and a passion to drive their business forward.

Abel and Imray

It’s new, it’s valuable and they want to protect it! This is Abel & Imray’s own IP, and as a firm of Patent Attorneys they know they have to promote, display and sell it.

AGCAS heads of service and Phoenix covers


The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services is now a well established body with a thriving membership and a good reputation in the industry.

alcoa ads


A Division of Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Alcoa Howmet is a world leader in the investment casting of superalloys, aluminum and titanium primarily for jet aircraft engines and airframes as well as industrial gas turbine engine components.

BCC website and cover

British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce represents the interests of over 100,000 businesses through a network of 52 accredited chambers across the UK. In addition to offering advice and support to businesses, it lobbies on their behalf to ensure their voice is heard by councils and government. How do you build a website that represents british business? Organisation, navigation and lots of inspiration!

Home Digital Marketing


How do you create a campaign that promotes a complex product within a complex industry, not known for it's creativity? Firstly, simplify the message - find that one key benefit that will appeal to the reader and potential customers. Secondly, take a risk. Do something different. Standout. We created concepts that range from slight standout to completely off the wall. Cherwell settled for something in the middle and they haven't looked back. The ad campaigns are helping them to achieve year on year growth. Job done well!


Clarke Willmott

A leading UK firm of lawyers, Clarke Willmott’s strategy was to personalise and demystify their service.

eunomia website preview on laptop



Eunomia Research & Consulting is an independent environmental consultancy dedicated to helping clients ‘achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes’.

Invensys covers

Invensys plc

With diverse interests, including rail technology, electronic controls, software and automation, Invensys Group employed nearly 19,000 people globally.

Invensys Rail Graduate site

Invensys Rail

Invensys Rail offer a range of automation solutions for the rail industry, both underground and over. With a history stretching back over a hundred years, and offices around the world, they are market leaders in many of their product areas.

Jisc (case study coming soon)

L-3 TRL website


A defence company on the attack! A carefully thought out strategy positioned them as a provider of solutions – not just products or systems, and our website ensures that you read this loud and clear. No more firing from the hip! It’s strategy and tactics which will win wars.

Home Digital Marketing



When Laserase asked us to promote their name, they were a loose affiliation of beauty clinics around the UK, with one thing in common: a particular type of high powered laser and an ambition to grow.

Media Trust

Media trust

The Media Trust works in the third sector. They believe in the power of media to change lives, so they work with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard.

example of the multisets website at first place in Google


Getting to the top of google is the single most important task of marketers in this industry!

shaw trust

Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust believes that everyone has the right to employment, inclusion and independence.

Siemens ads


Siemens is one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Employing nearly 500,000 people, there are not many engineering and technologies in which Siemens does not have an interest.

sirona annual report


Sirona Care & Health Community Interest Company (CIC) is a new type of Social Enterprise providing publicly funded health and adult social care services. They were formed in October 2011 since when they have been going from strength to strength.

Stone King

Stone King

Stone King LLP are independently recognised by The Lawyer as a Top 200 UK law firm with 4 offices.




Simplify the complex! Use a clever graphic to instantly convey the key benefits, design a clear and simple user journey, and we can take you to the moon...

Wedlake Bell

Wedlake Bell

A leading and significant firm of lawyers in London, Wedlake Bell have a long heritage and are well established, with a strong reputation that extends around the world.

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Key team

Mark Baines

Mark Baines

Strategy and Branding Managing Director

Born a hundred years ago, I started Marcom after years spent in advertising and design. I took the CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing in 2001 and became a Chartered Marketer the next year, a status I have maintained through a minimum of 35 hours annual CPD ever since. I’m an active Committee member of the Levitt Group (part of CIM, offering  ‘Advanced Knowledge for Senior Marketers’) and sat on the Advisory Committee for the CAM Foundation. I love marketing, and I’m on a mission to prove it’s the most important part of any organisation!

Ask me about Brand Strategy, and to find out how good marketing communications can help your business.

Rob Doble

Rob Doble

Creativity and Design

Having spent many years trying to become the new Jimi Hendrix, graphic design tapped me on the shoulder in the late 80s and led me down a different path. Having worked at several agencies around the country, I finally came back full circle to Bath. Initially working for myself, I joined Marcom as Creative Director/partner in 2005 and haven't looked back. Along the way I've worked with some fantastic clients inc. Vodafone, Microsoft, Citibank, Boots and met some amazing people.

Contact me to talk about the Creative, visualising your Brand and good ideas!

Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders

Account and Project Manager

My early career years were spent in the trade exhibition industry in London, organising massive exhibitions and conferences at the NEC, Olympia and Earls Court - eg The Spring Fair - as well as large company events. On relocating to Bath, I moved into Account Management for a major design and marketing agency. Managing two key accounts - B&Q & RHM - I worked on B2C, B2B and trade projects.

Since joining Marcom, I've managed the Invensys, AGCAS, Media Trust, Shaw Trust and British Chambers of Commerce accounts - below-the-line, above-the-line and online!

Emma Smisson

Emma Smisson

Design and Artwork

I've been designing for almost 10 years now and have loved every moment - well almost! I work closely with Rob and the team here at Marcom to make the ideas really come alive. I've worked with a wide range of clients in everything from education to food & drink and when it comes to design I like to think I've a good idea of what makes people tick.

The team think my best points are my ability to really get inside a project and my attention to detail - which means the final delivery exceeds client expectation!

Ben Powell

Ben Powell

Design and Development Studio Manager

My career in design has spanned over 15 years and includes product design, graphic design for print, IT and web design and build.

This gives me a holistic view of the projects I undertake for clients, so I see their projects from all angles. It also underpins my commercial awareness, so I understand what they are trying to achieve, and can design and build a website or other campaign material which is, first and foremost, effective.

My particular strength lies in design and programming for digital assets – websites, ads, search and other digital marketing activities. But I still occasionally turn my hand to physical design, mainly for print and exhibitions.

Somehow I manage to fit this all in between making kids, performing music and drinking beer!

Matt Tomlinson

Matt Tomlinson

Digital and Programming

I learned how to build websites whilst on a graduate training scheme with Matsushita (Panasonic) in Japan in 1996. 

Instantly hooked, I now enjoy the reputation of the ‘man who can’ when it comes to all things digital.

I also happen to be CIM qualified, but I wouldn’t let that come between me and a good, hard working and elegant piece of coding!

I like to produce flexible, easy to use websites that clients can manage themselves, and clever tools that do exciting things on phones, tablets, PCs and sometimes even on giant screens.

When I’m not in front of my computer I love to read, travel, eat good food and I am looking forward to the day that I can take my two small children skiing – if  can get enough time off work!

"We received the Annual Reviews this morning. They look stunning: well done to everyone involved. Thank you both so much for pulling out the stops to get it done. I hope you'll want to use it as an example of your work."
Gavin Sheppard, Director of Marketing and Communications Services, Media Trust (January 2010)

Our charity

Asha is a Christian charity working in the slums of Delhi, home to over 4 million people. Conditions are appalling, with a lack of education and access to basic amenities causing inhabitants to get trapped in a life of poverty and deprivation.

Asha provides healthcare, support, education and a voice for these people, giving them the motivation and abilities to make lasting changes to their lives.

We have helped them with their digital communications and strategy since 2006. We wrote their Strategic Plan for Marketing Communications and Fundraising, which we then implemented through the design and creation of a new website - now we're on version 3 – and their digital marketing strategy, including social media.

We've also recruited and given technical and strategic support to an International Communications and Publicity Developer, based in Delhi, responsible for implementing the strategy.

We've helped organise 2 UK Conferences and are regularly involved in a range of marketing and fundraising initiatives, such as the Big British Curry Night.

We like to support Asha as it gives us a chance to put something back, and to use our skills for the good of others – not just ourselves.


Corporate Social Responsibility statement:

We also support other charities, including People against Poverty and Business against Poverty, with the emphasis on sustainability, community and children’s initiatives that benefit those places in which poverty is rife. 

We focus our funding on programmes that relate to our strategic direction and reflect our core values of integrity, authenticity, and total customer satisfaction.

Asha Our Charity

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